• CLIA registration What is CLIA registration and what is its purpose? - What is the meaning of CLIA? The clinical laboratory improvement amendments of 1988 is a federal program governed by CMS- Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Its main purpose is to create and establish quality standards for clinical laboratory testing to make sure that the test results of all the patients are reliable, timely and […]
  • insurance-credentialed How do you get your insurance credentialed? - Credentialing has become a part and parcel of the medical profession. Getting yourself credentialed with the insurance companies is becoming necessary these days as it ensures ease of doing business. It can be confusing for some while overwhelming for others. But undoubtedly it is a lengthy and complicated procedure which cannot be avoided by medical […]
  • credentialing specialist and a physician enrollment What is the difference between a credentialing specialist and a physician enrollment? - In the medical industry, it is very difficult for people to know the difference between a credentialing specialist and physician enrollment. In fact, most of the people in the healthcare industry are unsure about the difference between the two! Let us discuss the difference between the two in detail. Let us discuss credentialing first! Credentialing […]
  • credentialing with Medicaid How long does it take to get credentialing with Medicaid? - Credentialing has become the need of the hour for every medical institution. All the physicians and healthcare practitioners need to undergo the credentialing process to bill the insurance companies. It allows the hospitals and clinics to keep the record of all the medical practitioners which comes handy at all times. The insurance companies verify the […]
  • Healthcare Credential Specialist How do you Become Healthcare Credential Specialist? - The medical industry is one of the busiest and highly respected industries around the world. These medical professionals work hard and 24X7 to save and treat human lives. That is the reason these guys need experts to help them with the extra documenting work so that they can focus on saving lives. The extra work […]