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Enrollment & Credentialing

By covering all your enrollment and credentialing needs, we at HRX hope to save you invaluable time and allow you to practice without interruptions and hiccups. Here is an extensive list of the various services included as part of our enrollment and credentialing offering. These services can be customized as per your needs.

New credentialing

  • Credentialing from scratch while filling-up initial application and quick submission.
  • CAQH Registration and Monitoring (for existing & new profiles)
  • Contracting for in-network inclusion (negotiations If required)
  • Follow-up conversations and paperwork with insurance companies
  • Management of new credentialing from end to end
  • Credentialing and contraction process
  • Fill-up and submission of applications necessary for EFT and ERA set-up.


  • Fill-up and submission of applications necessary for EFT and ERA set-up.
  • Fill-up and submission of requested documents
  • Management of the re-credentialing process from end to end
  • Contract Nagotioation during the re-credentialing If required.

Yearly maintenance

  • Tracking of document expiry dates for Medical License, DEA/CDS, Board Certs,
    CEU’s, and anything else with an expiry date
  • Update of NPI and CAQH
  • Re-validation/Re-credentialing updates to the provider to reinstate.

Additional Services

In addition to these services, we also offer Hospital Credentialing, CVO Services, Medicare Group Enrollment, Medicare Individual Enrollment, Medicare Revalidations, Medicaid Group Enrollment, Medicaid Individual Enrollment, Demographic Updates, and Facility Enrollments.

Procedures such as Medical Group Enrollment differ from state to state, and we have experts with experience ensuring enrolment in every state. Medicaid Revalidation is required every 3 to years, which we also offer to track and manage through our yearly maintenance program.

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