Who we are

HRX consists of a team of highly qualified and experienced medical credentialing experts who are dedicated to bringing you results swiftly. Led by ambitious leadership, HRX has the primary goal of helping clients in the medical community get licensed, credentialed and enrolled effortlessly. With a client-centric approach, we ensure that your experience with us surpasses your expectations.

Each credentialing manager at HRX has in-depth knowledge about the application process and its nuances. The qualified medical licensing experts on the team have knowledge and expertise spanning various specialties and services.

We have extensive experience in enabling quick and reliable medical credentialing and enrollment

An exceptional provider of medical officiating services, HRX has delivered effective medical enrollment, credentialing and licensing services to over 10,000 clients across the country. We have worked with physicians and healthcare entities of all types and sizes. Serving hospitals, clinics, medical and paramedical professionals, we have built the reputation of being trusted among medical service providers.

We work with medical entities of all types

It doesn't matter if qualify as a hospital, physical therapist, OT, SLP, NP, PA, DC, urgent care center, behavioral health center or an alternative medical provider, we can assist you in streamlining your licensing and enrollment process.

Experience matters! HRX is made of medical credentialing experts who have extensive experience working with diverse clients in the medical industry. Choosing an experienced, reputable and trustworthy service is critical for credentialing. Such a service can ensure that your paperwork gets filed on-time and post meticulous verification.

Our core values

The values we practice at HRX include integrity, confidentiality, and commitment to our clients. In short, we are focused on providing the best quality consultancy and services to our community of clients.

In today's fast-paced medical industry, we are aware that you and your employees need to stay engaged and hands-on to provide the best medical services to your clients. Managing paperwork in such a scenario can seem overwhelming. The team of experts at HRX are client-centric and sensitive to your challenges. Bearing in mind your goals, we apply our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve them effortlessly.