How long does it take to get credentialing with Medicaid?

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Credentialing has become the need of the hour for every medical institution. All the physicians and healthcare practitioners need to undergo the credentialing process to bill the insurance companies. It allows the hospitals and clinics to keep the record of all the medical practitioners which comes handy at all times. The insurance companies verify the provider’s education and qualification to treat the patients in specialized fields.

If the credentialing is not proper, the payment is not going to be proper. A delay in payment is a pain for every individual and thus proper credentialing is important. These up-to-date details help the people in hiring the correct health service provider. It is necessary to maintain the credentials so as to ensure that they match the standards and rules of the National Committee for Quality Assurance and the Joint Commission.

However, maintaining the database of the entire credentials is a time taking and lengthy process and therefore it calls for outsourcing. The physicians and healthcare centers need to focus on attending to the patients rather than fulfilling the credentialing process. With the expert service providers, the process has become very easy and it is a myth that the process takes a lot of time (when done through experts). It is a continuous process and needs to be done from time to time and with the right service provider, the entire process can be simplified significantly.

Credentialing with Medicaid

Credentialing is very easy with Medicaid and less time-consuming. With the help of Medicaid, one can easily avoid all the hassles of the paperwork and reporting which can considerably save the time and efforts spent on the insurance process. The experts at HRX work with great precision and expertise and they have worked with more than 10,000 healthcare professionals for more than 10 years to ensure effortless credentialing services.

The experience makes them efficient in this field. It ensures that the clients stick to the medical provider and the medical providers are paid efficiently without any complications. At HRX, the complete database of the clients is maintained which makes it easier to identify the credentials which are expiring so as to start the process of re-credentialing after every 3 to 5 years. This ensures that the records are always well maintained and there are no delays even when the records have become obsolete, as they are renewed from time to time by the experts. 

Generally, the entire process of credentialing takes 90 to 120 days but depending on the specialty, some payers are quicker than others which ensures easier payment in fewer days. But the process of filling up the forms and submitting the completed applications to the insurance company can take some time. After filling the applications, the medical practitioners need to verify with the insurance companies that all records are updated correctly to ensure that there are no delays.

With Medicaid, all the task is done by a team of well-qualified experts and they update you regarding the same from time to time. Credentialing can be cumbersome at times and lead to delays if an inefficient system is followed. Medicaid makes the process efficient by maintaining proper records which in turn helps in avoiding unnecessary delays to ensure success. The best part is that the records can be easily extracted and verified whenever they are required. 

Why work with HRX?

With HRX one can save the time involved in credentialing, enrolment and licensing and save up to 100 hours of paperwork. The paperwork is approved quickly by the team of experts and one can get assured and quick payments from the insurance companies. The efficiency of the employees and the knowledge and experience of the people ensures a smooth process where there is no frustration and pain of extensive paperwork and extensive procedures. 

HRX offers exclusive medical credentialing, enrolment and licensing services. The credentialing and re-credentialing are done efficiently without any time lag. The team also conducts proper analyses to provide recommendations for a fast credentialing process. The medical licensing process and medical enrolment services are also available with HRX and Medicaid to have made the entire process easy.