What is a PECOS credentialing?

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What is PECOS?

PECOS stands for Provider Enrolment, Chain and Ownership System and it is an excellent alternative to paper applications as it allows the users to securely submit and manage medicare enrolment information electronically. It provides an electronic database to record and retain data of the medicare enrolled suppliers and providers. It was very helpful in recognizing the illegal medical providers as all the providers, suppliers and people were linked through this system. It makes the task of licensing and enrolment easier for medical service providers and enables them to work in a hassle-free manner.


PECOS was developed by CMS under the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. According to the regulation, all the physicians who order or refer home healthcare services or supplies have to enroll with the Medicare or PECOS to continue their service. From January 6, 2014, the CMS started denying claims for Medicare home health services or supplies from all the physicians who were not registered in PECOS.

Physicians who care for Medicare patients should necessarily get themselves enrolled in PECOS so that their patients can receive the care and supplies they need in a timely and effective manner. It is an essential requirement for all the physicians if they are dedicated enough to provide the best care and treatment to all their patients.

Registration with PECOS

Registration with the PECOS is completely free and it is fast and easy. It ensures that the patients can receive the care that they need as and when they need it. The medical practitioners or the service providers can either do the process themselves or they can get it done through a third party like HRX which can save you from all the cumbersome paperwork. The steps in the registration process are: Arrange all the documents and information that is required and are mentioned in the pre-enrolment checklist of the PECOS. It is necessary to arrange all the documents properly so that there is no delay or denials in registration and payments.

  • Go to the official website of the PECOS and register yourself for a user account. The link for the same is provided on the website.
  • Continue through the entire process to register you with the PECOS. Accept all the terms and conditions and click on the accept button once the registration is complete.
  • After completing the application you are required to print, sign and put the date on the certification statement provided over there.

Mail the certification certificate duly signed and filled by you along with all the necessary documents to your designated Medicare contractor. The process should be done within 7 days of submitting the document electronically.

PECOS credentialing is very easy and it is necessary for all the medical practitioners as it ensures that they get paid for their services and can provide home health services without any hassles. With the internet-based PECOS, all the physicians, non-physician practitioners, medical service providers, and all the other supplier organizations can enroll and modify their Medicare enrolment, view the entire Medicare enrolment information, or check on the status of a Medicare enrolment application on the internet. Thus PECOS credentialing is important to continue the practice in the best manner as well as provide the best care to the patients without having to worry about any verification or payment delay and denials.

HRX- The leading credentialing company

HRX is a leading organization that provides credentialing, enrolment and licensing services that can help you a lot by eliminating all the extra paperwork and making the work easier for you. The team of experts handles the entire process for you while keeping the record most efficiently. The team of HRX has worked with more than 10,000 healthcare professionals for over 10 years because of which they can speed up the work of the PECOS credentialing.

The entire application, enrolment and re-validation are handled by the team of HRX is a cost-effective and quick manner. After registering yourself, it is necessary for the medical practitioners to re-validate and updates the information every 3 to 5 years. Even that work is handled by the team of experts to ensure that there is no delay. So if you are worried about the PECOS credentialing, then HRX is the place for you!