CAQH Enrollment with HRX – Making It Easier For Providers to Enroll

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Presently the medical practitioners are adopting EFT that is electronic funds transfer to replace the lengthy paper checks. The process continues to be very challenging for many health and dental plans. So the CAQH enrollment of all healthcare providers, especially lower volume practices can be more difficult. And also it leads to an expensive, time-consuming manual payment system.

So CAQH has developed a simple cost-effective solution to help plans move closer to universal electronic fund transfer. The process combines enrollment capabilities for EFT and Electronic remittance advice that is ERA, thus enabling health care providers to use a single secure on-line process to enroll with multiple health plans at once. So the CAQH enrollment information can be sent directly to each authorized participating plan.

Even if your state is following its own plan, it is in the best interest to enroll yourself in CAQH.

How to register with CAQH?

1.Have all your documents and CV handy to upload them. You need to have your license, credentials, board certificates, and diplomas ready. There is no point in starting an application if you can not finish it.

2.Ensure that your 3 application references are ready as you will need these references for your application.

3.You will also need to provide information related to your new entity such as tax id, email address, address, hours of operation, billing contact, phone number, fax number, and group NPI, etc.

4.Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above, you have reached the end of your application. Simply, submit your consent to the payer to access the information provided by you. You should submit a signed and attested document to CAQH. This signature signifies that you have given the payer full access to the information provided by you. Also, the information provided by you is accurate and up-to-date.

5.Finally, upload your final application and save your CAQH user id and password.

How CAQH enrollment is used by HRX to help customers:

Well to start with, CAQH enrollment is done as there is a mandatory requirement by the insurance company to be enrolled. So, you are not left with much of a choice other than to enroll.

At HRX, CAQH enrollment is used for initial credentialing, as well as, payer re-credentialing.

At HRX by covering all your enrolment and credentialing needs, we save you valuable time. At the same time enable you to practice without any major hiccups or disturbance. We have a list of various services as a part of the enrollment and credentialing process, which can be tailored as per your requirements.

In additional services we offer

•Hospital credentialing
•CVO service
•Medicare group enrollment
•Medicare individual enrollment
•Medicare revalidations
•Medicaid group enrollment
•Medicaid individual enrollment
•Facility enrollments

In every state as per the guidelines and procedure of the state, we have experts who have relevant experience ensures your proper enrollment procedure. Medical revalidation is done after every 3 years, this service we also offer to track and manage through our yearly maintenance program.

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