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Medical license verification service FAQ: 10 things you must know about!!

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  1. What is medical license verification service?

License verification is the written verification of  details provided by medical professionals. It is also used to provide information to the state board with the current information about the status of the license.

  1. How long does the process of medical license verification take?

The time taken in the medical license verification varies from state to state. On an average, the process takes about 60-90 days for completion.

  1. Why is medical license verification service essential?

Getting a medical license verification is compulsory to start the practice in leading hospitals. It is required by the insurance companies to process the payment. The process in itself is quite a lengthy and complicated one. Hiring medical license verification service enables you to concentrate on your practice rather than spending time on administrative work.

  1. Can I do the medical license verification myself?

Yes, you can do it yourself as well but the process is lengthy and complicated. Different states have different requirements which makes it time taking. The service providers are experts and they have better knowledge about the entire process.

  1. How can medical license verification service help me?

Medical license verification service can benefit you in number of ways

  • The rules and regulations of all the state boards are different. Taking professional services to ensure that the process is done safely and efficiently.
  • It can save considerable time and efforts of the medical professionals.
  • Outsourcing the services to experts saves you from the hassles of verifying the information from the schools, colleges, hospitals etc.
  • It is fast and easy.
  1. How is medical licensing verification done?

The medical licensing companies verify the data from the council for affordable quality healthcare (CAQH). All the medical professionals are required to fill their information on the CAQH panel and same is taken by the insurance companies to verify the credentials of the medical staff. The entire procedure is done online. The insurance companies simply pull the profile on the database instead of visiting the office for credential verification.

  1. How is the CAQH profile created?

The medical practitioners willing to use the CAQH database need to enter information about their education, training, work history, malpractice history and record of incorrect credentialing details. Insurance companies then review the data. Once the data is reviewed, the policies are processed and the payments are made.

  1. What if I don’t get medical license verification done?

If you don’t get the medical insurance verification done, then you might have to face delays in the insurance payments and processes. Your revenue cycle will get disturbed and you might not get the payment for your services.

  1. How much does medical license verification cost?

The fees for the verification varies from state to state. The price ranges between $10 to $60 each. There are certain other miscellaneous costs as well which vary according to different states.

  1. How can HRX help in this process?

HRX company has a team of experts who can eliminate all the frustrating paperwork and manage the enrolment process from end-to-end. They have all the knowledge and expertise in getting the licensing verification done without any hassles. HRX takes care of the entire enrollment process on the CAQH panel so that the information is readily available for the verification by the insurance companies.

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