What is CAQH Enrollment? How does it work?

Simply put, The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Inc (CAQH) is an online medical provider data repository. Providers register on this database and then give insurance companies access to their credentials on the database. This makes the process of data verification easier for the insurance companies who simply have to pull up your profile on the database instead of having to visit your office for credential validation.

Data required to create a CAQH profile

Typically, medical practitioners who want to utilize the CAQH database are required to enter information about their education, training, work history, malpractice history and record of incorrect credentialing details. Insurance companies then review this data before approving their policies or payments.


The CAQH was built to enable easy healthcare access by cutting down administrative challenges for physicians, healthcare providers and office staff members. The CAQH process saves you from paperwork and administrative burden, replacing traditional methods of data verification.

We can entirely eliminate your efforts by managing the enrollment process for you from end-to-end.