What is Medicaid enrollment? How does it work?

Each state has its own dedicated portal for validating and overseeing Medicaid enrollment. As such, the process followed by each state can be different. At HRX, we have experience helping practices in different locations get approved quickly through efficient Medicaid Enrollment. Most states use online portals and have guides to direct you through the process.

When you may require a Medicaid enrollment service

There are various instances during which you may require a Medicaid enrollment service. Here's a short list of them so you can assess when to reach out to us.

Enrolling as a Medicaid provider for the first time
The process for initial enrollment is extensive and involves the verification of several documents, which we can manage for you.

Adding a new service location
If you are expanding your service and setting-up in a new location, you have to update the new practice's details on the Medicaid portal.

Reporting a change of ownership
If your practice has officially changed hands, you have to update the information with Medicaid.

Revalidate enrollment
Most states require revalidation of Medicaid enrollment every 3-5 years.

Recertification of enrollment and other certificates
If your practice has undergone any change, you may require recertification to continue practicing.