Primary Source Verification

As a healthcare provider, the responsibility of providing premium-quality care to patients lies in your hands. But quality care and patient safety can be assured only when you hire the right medical staff.

The advancements in technology have made it very easy for medical practitioners to modify and doctor their credentials in an effort to access higher-paying healthcare jobs. One way to ensure that you hire a trustworthy and truly licensed team of practitioners is to implement primary source verification.

At HRX, our team of qualified and experienced specialists will track, verify, and validate the various credentials and licenses of your medical staff, helping you manage the quality of medical care you offer.

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Why do healthcare providers need primary source verification?

The United States healthcare industry is regulated by numerous institutional bodies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services, Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, American Board of Medical Specialties, and the American Medical Association, amongst others. Each federal or state regulatory body has its own requirements that doctors, nurses, radiologists, pharmacists, and so on must comply with to be licensed practitioners.

With primary source verification, you can easily check whether the people you have hired (or plan to hire) have obtained the academic and residency requirements necessary to practice as licensed medical professionals in the United States.

With primary source verification, you can ensure that your patients are always in safe hands and your facility complies with all regulatory requirements. You will be able to prevent fraudulent claims and avoid any lawsuits that may arise because of your association with the criminally-minded.

What can we verify?

At HRX, we will contact the primary certifying institutions and agencies who have licensed your staff to check for authenticity. You can trust us to verify the following:

  • Educational documents (equivalent for academic qualifications obtained overseas)
  • Residency, internship, and professional history
  • Hospital affiliation
  • State-specific licensure
  • Federal and State Board Certifications
  • National Practitioner Data Bank Reports
  • Liability coverage and claims
  • SAM sanctions
  • Peer references
  • Criminal history
  • Military or political affiliation
  • Controlled substance usage

process of verifying

Our team of professionals will source a variety of information, from telephonic records/transcripts to written communication shared between your staff or the licensing institution. We will monitor and track your hires professional history and share comprehensive reports about them to ensure you are always in the loop. You can use these reports to make the right hiring decisions and safeguard your patients and medical practice.

The process of verifying the primary source can be a labor-intensive task. Our experts will take over all the activities right from information sourcing to application completion and filing to post-verification reporting.

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