Medical Licenses

HRX has a dedicated team of medical license experts who are experienced in managing the administrative rigmarole associated with medical licenses. Licensing processes can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why you should consider outsourcing it to a medical licensing agency such as HRX with a track record of managing licencing for thousands of healthcare practices and professionals.

What is offered as part of our medical licensing service

Once you have filled out an application, that is just the beginning. After this step, you may have to follow-up in the following ways to ensure that the licensure process proceeds without any hitches. HRX manages the following steps for you to simplify and streamline the process.

  • Collecting and organizing official transcripts from educational and training organizations
  • Reaching out to professional education organizations to confirm certifications or continuing education credits
  • Contacting educational institutions to collect course syllabi to compare courses on a medical professional's transcripts with requirements of a state's licensure qualifications
  • Acquiring official test scores for certifications
  • Contacting past supervisors to verify supervision hours
  • Requesting department heads to provide a letter of confirmation if a course with no specific syllabi meets a state's licensure requirements
  • Discussions alternative options with the licensure board if an applicant's profile shows deficiency in any way (say a required course was omitted in the applicant's schooling experience)
  • Registering for jurisprudence exams and getting access to study materials
  • Obtaining untampered records of formal complaints, personal issues, or other lapses in licensure
  • Following-up to push the licensure process through various review stages

As a medical practitioner, your focus is to spend time with patients. Managing extensive licensure stages such as the ones mentioned above can take significant time away from your primary focus. By outsourcing the responsibility to a reliable medical licensing service, you can rest assured that it gets done, effectively.

How HRX will partner with you in the medical licensing process

As with any partnership, we will require inputs from you during the process. While you won't have to bear the significant burden of filling up info or following up with various entities, you will have to share basic information about your education and work experience with us. The bulk of the work will be managed by our experienced team of licensing experts, but we will need your involvement and insights at some junctures.

During the entire process, we will provide you with comprehensive and timely reports to track the progress of your medical licenses.