Medicare Enrollment

Provider Enrollment (PE) is the cornerstone of Medicare reimbursement. It's not just paper work to fill out or an online application to complete, it is vitally important that the enrollment is set-up correctly to receive funds back quickly. The Medicare provider enrollment process is a continuous process in which the provider community must focus their attention, lest you be impacted by an interruption in reimbursement.

What a Medicare Enrollment Service can do for you

Here are a few common scenarios that you may face when enrolling for Medicare. Our services are designed to manage them for you.

Opening a new practice/location
If you have opened a practice at a new location, you will be required to update your address on the Medicare enrollment portal, so you can bill for services from the new address.

When a physician exits your practice
Medicare has to be notified of major changes to your practice, such as when a physician member leaves.

Denied claims
When your Medicare claims are being denied and you are not sure why, it could be because of incorrect information on Medicare records.

Choosing a new practice/location
If you are not sure where to set-up your new practice, we can help by taking the burden of Medicare enrollment off your plate.

No supplier number

If you want to bill for DME but don't have a supplier number, we can intervene and manage the situation for you.

Types of medical entities for whom we manage Medicare Enrollment

Irrespective of the type of your medical practice, we can help you enroll for Medicare. Here's a list of various medical entity types that we have worked with in the past.

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians
  • DMEPOS Groups
  • Imaging Facilities
  • Behavioral Health Specialists
  • Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants
  • Chiropractors
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers

We also provide Medicare enrollment services for all other eligible Medicare Part A/B or S providers.