Managing Credentialing and Enrollment Services

From individual healthcare practitioners to healthcare organizations, our clients represent all types of medical provider entities. We manage time-consuming credentialing and enrollment services for various types of healthcare providers. If you are looking to rid yourself of cumbersome paperwork and administrative burden, there's no better way to do it than to hire a reliable credentialing or enrollment service like us.

We have worked with over 10,000 clients from various healthcare provision niches, so you can rest assured that we are well-equipped to manage your credentialing and enrollment needs.

List of the of medical practitioners and organizations we have worked with.

Regardless of your specialization or service-type, we can assist you with enrollment, credentialing and procuring a license. HRX has worked with diverse medical service providers and professionals, some of which are mentioned below.



Clinical Laboratories

Diagnostic Testing Facilities








Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Urgent Care Facilities

Sleep Labs

Behavioral Health Providers

Maintaining your CAQH records

We can also maintain your CAQH records and update them as and when needed, while notifying you of license expiry and reapplication dates. This offering comes with our yearly maintenance service which you can avail to have all your paperwork taken care of with minimum involvement on your part.