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Stop Losing clients and enroll for medical credentialing services with HRX

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What is medical credentialing?

A completely market-driven process, medical credentialing, seeks to maintain very high-quality standards in the medical field for the benefit of the patients. The major aim of medical credentialing services is to protect the interests of the patients.

Why should you go for medical credentialing services?

Medical credentialing not only offer quality assurance to the healthcare industry but it also benefits the patients and other parties involved. Clinics and hospitals can remain confident that the staff that they have hired is the best in the industry. Medical credentialing also helps the hospitals and clinics in minimizing the errors and keeping the costs down.

Insurance companies have an added advantage of lowering down their costs as they will ensure only those professionals who will be demonstrating great competence and skills in the medical practice.

Physicians and medical practitioners benefit from the medical credentialing as once they get approved by the insurance companies, they will be able to gain the trust of more and more patients gradually. They can expect more patients in the future.

 Finally, it is the patients perhaps who benefit the greatest of all. The patients can remain assured that they are getting the most superior quality medical service. Their trust in medical practice will increase manifold. They will be able to put in their confidence in the quality of the medical profession.

Medical credentialing makes sure that everyone is better off!

Documentation required for medical credentialing:

The amount of paperwork required in the process of medical credentialing is overwhelming. The list of documents required is endless. Below are listed a few documents that are required to be accompanied by a medical practitioner credentialing application before submission to the payer:

  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • Education or diploma copies
  • Copies of any Medical certificates and dangerous substances certificates
  • Proof of previous work experience
  • Proof of professional liability insurance
  • A complete description of medical services that will be performed by the practitioner
  • Medicare and/or medicare exclusions
  • Any training certificates or accreditations obtained
  • Copies of the current results of HIPDB and NPDB
  • CLIA- Clinical Laboratory Information Act certificate

Have your expert!

With so many cumbersome documentation, risk of loss in revenue, patient dissatisfaction, and your reputation at stake, it is highly advisable to partner with a medical credentialing services expert who can ease out the process for you. You would want the services of an expert who is well versed with the nuances of each payer, understands the complex NCQA bylaws and provider rights, and maintains a personal relationship with the renowned insurance companies to solve the problems quickly.

Having a competent urgent care medical credentialing service provider like HRX will allow you to increase your revenue, raise customer loyalty and satisfaction, and minimize any cumbersome delays. Your every process will be smooth from the very scratch till the end.

Why HRX?

It is enough to say that time is extremely valuable for every healthcare professional. Paper-based processes are considered to be the biggest sources of wasting time, effort, and money. Also, lack of knowledge can lead to mistakes and discrepancies in the transparency in the medical procedures. HRX follows complete computer-based systems. At HRX, we aim to change how medical professionals aim to share their credentials and get them verified.

By hiring our services, professionals will not only save an invaluable amount of time but they will also be mitigating the risk and gain visibility among the patients. We aim to manage the credentials of medical practitioners in an easily and get them verified without any hassles.

Control the privacy and create a network full of trust

Real-time authentication and maintenance of the privacy of our clients are of primary importance to us. We help in the procedure of credentialing so that you can create a pool of clients who trust you and your services. We never compromise on the quality of medical credentialing services and are available to support at every step. We centralize your credentialing system and offer easy, quick, and reliable solutions.

Don’t bother about losing your clients if you don’t accept insurance. Call us or mail us today to get real-time solutions.

So, stop losing your clients- increase your revenue and customer satisfaction with us!

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